First Aid Training Provided to Women by Çayeli Bakır

One of Turkey’s underground metal mines, Çayeli Bakır organized first aid courses for women in the scope of its social responsibility work. The program, which continued for 5 months, was greeted with great interest by the women living in Madenli District.

Çayeli Bakır continues to draw attention with its social responsibility courses as well as awareness training. Making a difference with courses on such subjects as technology addiction and developing an understanding of privacy among kinds, Çayeli Bakır recently completed a 5 month first aid course prepared for the mothers in Madenli District.

Brought to life with the slogan “Be a mom who knows first aid!” and instructed by Çayeli Bakır’s onsite physician Dr. Rıfat Serttaş the course was presented as five modules. The courses organized under the headings ‘Basic Life Support’, ‘First Aid for Choking’, ‘First Aid for Foreign Objects in the Eyes, Ears and Nose’, ‘How to Handle a Patient in the Event of Poisoning, Insect Bites, Animal Bites, Low Blood Sugar and Chest Pain’, ‘First Aid in Hemorrhaging’, ‘First Aid for Burns, Freeze and Heat Stroke’ and ‘First Aid in Breaks and Sprains’ were greeted with great interest by the Madenli District women. 163 people attended the course presented as five modules.

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Dr. Ercan Balcı ÇBİ Director of External Relations – 0 464 544 60 63
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